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Proforma Media Solutions

Virtual Reality

Do you have a sales, marketing or training challenge that you could overcome if you could deliver the right experience to your target audience?

Proforma’s Virtual Reality team is breaking new ground to deliver powerful and realistic experiences to your target audience. Virtual Reality is an innovative new medium that will transport them into another environment, bridging their perception gaps and helping them to understand your product or service as though they’d experienced it themselves. We work with you to understand your challenges and goals, and to create a detailed and realistic virtual environment and interactive experience that will address your challenge.

With Virtual Reality, you can bring your target audience:
  • The ability to visualize 3D spaces and large objects
  • An immersive experience in unique or inaccessible environments
  • The chance to experience your products before purchasing
  • Realistic interactivity with the features of your product or world
  • The opportunity to experience the operational feel of complex, sensitive equipment
  • A safer training alternative in potentially dangerous environment

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