Proforma Media Solutions

Proforma Media Solutions

Strategic Planning & Branding

Strategic planning and brand development are the blueprints to your successful business.
Have you built a strong foundation?

Delivering on your brand promise in every customer interaction, creating loyalty and driving sales are paramount to your success. We’re here to help.  our strategic development team starts by developing a deep understanding of your brand personality, value proposition and promise to your customers. We evaluate your position in the market relative to your competition and in the minds of employees (your brand ambassadors), existing and prospective consumers, distributors, key influencers and other targeted audiences. Applying these insights, Proforma will paint an in-depth profile of your target consumer—where they live, how they spend their money, what media they interact with, what motivates them and how they are most likely influenced. This information will allow us to develop brand messaging that resonates with your audience and actionable marketing programs that will get customers engaged with your company and product and drive profitable sales. Tying your brand strategy to your business goals and integrating your marketing, communications and web program will deliver the full power of your brand.

Public Relations

How is your business perceived by the public? Are you effectively managing your reputation?

Proforma’s Public Relations team offers a full complement of PR planning, media relations, promotional programs and corporate communications meant to position your company as experts in your field. Whether you want someone to catch the ear of the right reporters, you want to develop a campaign to influence key audiences or you want media training for your staff, our team can arm you with the tools you need to take on the public… and look good doing it.

Ad Sales

Do you have a magazine, website, e-newsletter, outdoor signage or another medium in which you need advertising space sold?

Give us a call! We’ve sold it all—and, for the most part, owned them all too! We know where you’re coming from. We know the stress of deadlines, editorial issues, design problems, poor ad sales, high printing costs and everything else that comes with ownership. Partner with us. Whether you are B2B, or B2C, we have the experience that can help your ad sales steadily grow year after year.
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